Door & Window Draught Proofing

Our cosy glide door and window draught proofing system is discrete, virtually invisible yet very effective It can be fitted to any type of timber windows and doors. It is one of the best ways of reducing noise, dust and cold air coming in through gaps in worn or ill fitted windows. Our cosy glide system will also stop rattles, free stuck and sticking windows and doors and ease operation.

Including in the cosy glide system for sash windows are replacement staff and parting beads, new cords, pulleys serviced or replaced if needed, sashes re-weighted; mid rails levelled and flaky paint sanded back and a coat of quality primer is applied.

Including in the cosy glide system for casement windows and doors is the casement sash/door re-fitted to frame, hinges serviced or replaced if needed, ironmongery adjusted, loose or flaky paint sanded back and a coat of quality primer is applied.


As with any wooden items exposed to the elements timber windows and doors can succumb to rot. Initially these may look beyond repair but most of the time this is not the case. We can repair most timber rot by removing all decayed timber and replacing with SFC certified hardwood and a specialised two part repair resin as standard. Other timber can be used upon request.

Double Glazing

We can offer double glazing for your existing timber windows without the costly expense and distribution of replacing them. Using a slim-light doubled glazed unit we are able to modify your existing windows which means the original look is retained, by doing so the homeowner gains all the benefits of a reduction in condensation, reduce noise pollution and improved thermal performance without compromising the charm, character or value of their property.

New Joinery

Our aim is to repair your windows and doors rather than replace, however unfortunately sometimes replacement joinery is unavoidable. If new joinery is required we can match your existing windows or doors by using traditional methods, styles, mouldings, timbers and designs. As well as replacement windows and doors we can also make window shutters, porches, panelling and architraves.

Re-cording and servicing

If your windows are jammed, or the cords are broken, or fall shut when you try to open them we can service your window to get your sashes functioning correctly and running smoothly. The service includes freeing up jammed windows, lubricating the pulleys, balancing the window weights and recording the sashes in a top quality was cotton cord.


We can change any smashed or cracked single glazed glass. We use a drawn glass that has a very slight ripple to it but can also supply and fit modern patterned or obscure glass, low e (insulated), acoustic or safety glass. We also replace any loose or missing face putty to your existing panes with traditional style putty.

Customer care

Your home will always be treated with complete respect, dust sheets are always used and our equipment is connected to professional dust collection equipment if we need to work in doors. We will insure that your home will be left in the condition it was found.